Vacation on the horizon

After a year of evening classes, studying, taking and failing/passing exams, all is done. I am looking forward to my trip to Skopje, Macedonia. Just for weekend but I have to start somewhere. My friend has been living there for the last two years and, shame on me, I never made it down there. So now I am taking my last chance to go and see her cause with her maternity leave looming, I am not sure she will come back to Skopje.

Just four weeks later I will go to Venice, Italy. I have never been there, always wanted to go with my man, but since the right man just takes too long, I have decided to now visit with a friend. Might have more fun in the end after all. Venice in November, I am sure it will be lovely. Hopefully not that many tourists and exactly like I imagined it. Maybe too many expectations? But can one really expect too much from Venice? I don’t think so. Cause I know the food will be wonderful, the sights exactly as described and the mood to my liking.

Then back to Vienna and then two weeks later off to Morocco. And no, I am not going to see Mimi’s son. I am really off to Marrakech. Still working on the details regarding the tour there but the flight is booked so I am going!

In the meantime I have another project. Getting back in shape. This year studying has cost me at least six kilo. And they have got to go. Will keep you posted, Pollybert

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