Normal People by Sally Rooney: I heard such good things about this book and also saw the preview of the upcoming series. And then the book just didn’t tickle my fancy. I expected this love story which would warm my heart. But all I got was two weird characters. Both of them had issues I couldn’t relate to. And while it started out in a good way, the middle part felt unreal. So even though it ended on a better note (I can’t say high note), I just didn’t like it a lot. It reads quick though and I will definitely give the series a chance.


How to Change Your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence by Michael Pollan: I got this book from a friend and was a bit overwhelmed by it. It’s not something you can read easily. You do need to take your time with it. Psychedelic drugs have a bad reputation. And I am sure there are many reasons behind it. But one of these was the fear of Nixon and the establishment that “The kids who take LSD, aren’t going to fight your wars. They are not going to join your corporations”. Reading about the use of different psychedelics and what a change they can bring about, was like a revelation. Maybe not something I would want to try, but definitely something which can help a lot people. The book is relevant in changing the perception of psychedelics.


The Deal (Off-Campus, Band 1) by Elle Kennedy: Is there anything better during self-isolation than finding a book which captures you completely? Sometimes it doesn’t have to be great literature. Sometimes all you need is a book which makes you fell alive, with laugh-out-loud moments, and characters you can root for. YA literature comes through with this often, so don’t give this genre a wide berth just because you left your teens and twens behind a long time ago. So happy that I came across Elle Kennedy, the other books in the “Off-Campus” series will keep me company the next couple of days.


The Mistake (Off-Campus, Band 2) by Elle Kennedy: Book #1 was definitely better, but book #2 still held enough appeal to get on with the series. I really like the setting for this book, the college and the hockey team. Since university is totally different in Austria it’s something I can only imagine. But the author does a really great job to help me with that. I can see myself there, wandering through the halls and being a student again. And isn’t that the best feeling to transport yourself to a different world?


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