On my way to Skopje

Finally Friday and I will leave the office early! The weather here in Vienna is beautiful, blue sky and warm. Really a wonderful fall so far. Easy to say, hasn’t even been a week so far.

Anyway, tomorrow I will be leaving for Skopje for a long weekend. Coming only back on Monday. I will have something like 2 full days there and I am trying to get the most out of it. The weather there is hot, hot, hot. At the moment it’s 32 degrees, coolest day will be Monday with 31 degrees. So have to bring my bikini because we are planning on visiting a gorge, where we can go for a boat ride and a swim. And I also promise you to snap some pictures for you. More plans for Skopje involve sightseeing (of course), going to some kind of festival called Pastramalia (will let you know what and how it is) and going for a pedicure. Really love the idea that I already have an appointment to get my feet done. Can just imagine myself putting my toes in the water on Sunday with a new coat of nailpolish. Now it is just a question of which color.

And tonight also perfect plans. Have my book club meeting and we will discuss Isabel Allende’s ‘Eva Luna’. Looking forward to a lively discussion and lots of pasta with my girls. More about my weekend next week, Pollybert

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