Kosheen at the Flex

I had the chance to see Kosheen yesterday at the Flex in Vienna. I think it was sold out but I am not sure and also too lazy to look it up. The concert was so so. I really hate it when they make you wait. In the afternoon I looked on the homepage of Flex and it said that the band would start at 8pm. So I cancelled my Pilates class which started at 7:30pm. Kosheen was finally on stage at a quarter past 9. And the concert was over at 10:45. Honestly what a disappointment compared to the Glen Hansard concert just a couple of days ago.

Also (and it makes me sad to say) I like their albums better. Live, I feel, there is something missing. Her voice doesn’t carry so much. Or maybe the instruments were too loud or the electronic overlay or whatever you call that was too much. I just felt she was selling herself short.

Nevertheless I had great evening, met an acquaintance and enjoyed a couple of drinks. Since the Halloween party got canceled for me (my co-worker who wanted to take me was sick), I made it home early and could still meet my friend for breakfast this morning. Plus I am full of energy to pack my stuff for Venice. I am leaving home this afternoon to go to my friend’s place in Grimmenstein. Will stay the night and tomorrow at 6am we will be on the road! And it is aqua alta in Venice, so time to use my Hunters!!

Will keep you posted if I am drowning, yours Pollybert

PS: Just finished Hisham Matar “In the Country of Men” and cannot wait to choose a new one for the road

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