New year, new challenges, new travels

So much has happened since I wrote the last time.
We finalized our Brazil vacation. My friend and I agreed on a route, booked all our flights and reserved the hostels/hotels along the way. I am not sure it will be relaxing but we will definitely see a lot. We are starting with the carnival in Rio, then fly to Salvador, Manaus, Brasilia and Iguazu. There we will split, she is going to Buenos Aires and I am flying to Porto Alegre and then back to Rio de Janeiro.
I think it will be just fabulous.

I have also prepared my book list for the three weeks and since we are travelling with a backpack, I cannot bring a lot of books. Therefore I bought myself an electronic reader and downloaded quite a lot of books. Just in case the electronic device won’t work, I am also bringing one book. I have decided on Games of Thrones. I think it is long enough to get the me through a couple of days until I can either repair the reader or get more books.

Speaking of books, I have read in the meantime “Hunting and gathering” from Anna Gavalda and started the Trylle: the Complete Trilogy from Amanda Hocking. Finished the first book “Switched” and am now into the second one “Torn“. “Hunting and Gathering” is a very enjoyable read. Fast-paced and likeable characters makes it a fun read. I finished it in couple of days. It is not high literature and after Ayn Rand the first 100 pages are difficult , but a better chick lit none the less. Only remark I have is that sometimes it is not clear who says what in conversations. I had to go back quite a couple of times and try to follow the conversation with my finger to know who said it.
The Trylle trilogy is ok. It is not that well written, it’s quite short in some places and then elaborating in others. If I didn’t already have all three books at home, I would never have bought the second one. But I also have to be honest that the second seems better written then the first. I have read quite a bit of YA books eg the Hunger Games and the Trylle trilogie can’t compare with this.

On the guy front, I got a text from X telling me that he cannot have a relationship, that he regrets losing me and that he wishes I was not angry with him. Since life is not a picnic he can wish all he wants…I never answered.

And I went back to dating. Met one guy twice, but there is no chemistry. Also met one man yesterday with whom I had telephone conversation on the weekend that lasted more than 6 hours. We talked already Saturday afternoon for an hour and then he called me around 10pm again and we talked until 4:45am. Funny thing is that he wrote me before that he is not really into telephone conversations. We will meet for dinner tomorrow night. Let’s see how that goes.

Will keep you posted, yours Pollybert

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