Marrakesh again

Of course the day we left Essaouira the weather was gorgeous. Blue sky and sunshine, and guys in shorts. Lots of people frolicking on the beach.

I just made a last round in this quaint little town and enjoyed myself. Also went to the farmers exhibition and bought some more Argan oil. Was cheaper and nicer packaged than the one I bought at the Co-operative. So already have some gifts for my friends at home, plus decided I will try this gift of nature myself. Read so much about the skin boosting effects of it, that I have to give it a try. Maybe the aging process will be slowed down.
We left around 11 and were back on the road soon enough. Just one more stop for me in Morocco and then back to Vienna. So Marrakesh it was.
We stopped at around 1pm at the side if the road for our lunch. This time we bought one kilo of lamb chops at the butcher’s and had it grilled in the restaurant next door.


Grilled to perfection with tomatoes and onions.

When we arrived in Marrakesh I was met by an employee from the Riad Marana who helped me carry my luggage. In the two weeks of my travels I had acquired five bags full of souvenirs. No way I could carry that all by myself.
I spent my afternoon exploring the Souk and having coffee at a place, which is still close to my heart.

For dinner that night I tried something new, some escargots.


I have to say I like them better in garlic butter because then you taste less of the snail. No, not my kind of food. At least not steamed.
The next day I took a guide to explore the city. After touring with a man for 14 days, I was not used to this arrogant behavior I met with. The guide was 20 minutes late and instead of apologizing he only said:”I hope, I didn’t keep you waiting.” Excuse me???
Anyway, he was quite disappointed when I told him that I don’t want to see neither the Souks nor the Medina, since I have been already to a couple of them. So bye-bye commission. We did see a Koran school, the Kotubia and some palace. After that I had enough of him and just wanted to see the Majorelle garden. When I tried to pay him, he would not take my money, but got paid by the driver whom I had to pay later. Very weird and really impolite. But maybe it’s just me.
Final stop on the sightseeing tour was the Majorelle garden.


Have only a picture of the entrance but the inside was beautiful as well. Enjoyed a peaceful hour exploring it. The rest if the day passed in a blur. More last minute shopping at the Souk, a coffee at the Café de l’epice at the spice market (and former slave market). And a surprisingly lovely dinner with a Croatian guy I met at restaurant Nr. 12 on the Jemaa el-Fna.
Then it was back to the Riad Marana and trying to fit everything in my bag. I made it finally by sitting on it and closing it then.
The next morning pick-up time was 6:50. One more coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice and then off to the airport. I arrived with only 30 min delay in Vienna. Not bad at all.
I am back now for more than a week and Morocco is still with me. I had such a lovely time there, people and country alike are beautiful and charming. If you have a chance to visit, go and do it. You will not regret it!
PS: Finished ‘Amazir by Tom Gable and loved. Really a quick and entertaining read plus tons if information about Morocco. Have started now with ‘The Fountainhead‘ from Ayn Rand. This book has a definite wow factor!

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