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Another travel day, this time back to Rio which also means the end of my trip. Therefore I tried to make the most of it and enjoy it.

I had a long breakfast while reading a new book called ‘Sarah’s Key‘ from Tatiana de Rosnay. I was glad that I could even see enough, my eyes were still a bit swollen from all the crying yesterday.

The packing started to be a nightmare, yesterday in Gramado I bought another bottle of Cachaça and a local chocolate liquor. All of this had to go now into my pack bag. Don’t ask me how I did it, but it really all fit. But it looked tight, ready to rip and tear somewhere. Still it must be sturdy material, no? It went around half the world already (thanks Wolfi), so it is field tested.

I took a cab to the airport cause I was too lazy to walk to the metro and the pack bag started to feel like carrying one of Obelix’s standing stone. This turned almost in a problem, cause we got in a traffic jam and arrived at the airport with only 45 minutes left.

But I made it on the plane, my back bag as well, no worse for the trip except one minor zipper on the side. Then upstairs to the departure hall to wait for the cab that Rod had ordered for

When I finally arrived at his home, his mother opening me the door, I was more than happy. It had been a long day. I needed to relax after all the wait and excitement.

I went to the beach although it looked cloudy and overcast. Still it must have been 28 degrees minimum. Rod’s mother didn’t allow me to bring a bag to the beach, just a towel, water and my book. She meant everything will be stolen.

I had brought one book with me on this trip which was ‘Game of Thrones’ from George R. R. Martin. So I took this with me to the beach, I was sure she would not have allowed the Kindle either.

I went back to the apartment around 6pm from the beach. It was already darkish, but the beach was illuminated. Every couple of meters there were huge lamp posts, so reading was fine.

Rod had arrived from work in the meantime, he fixed me the Wlan connection and then all three of us went out for dinner to celebrate his birthday!
We had pizza which was super delicious and tasted like in Tuscany.


Tomorrow is my last day, let’s hope for better weather to enjoy it.
Yours, Pollybert

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  1. Try to visit Niteroy and the sun set from the ciudaded park…. it is the most beutifull thing ever…. and also downtown rio de janwero has another views .another face after carnival……so you can apreciate it.. ..buenos aires has beutifll building but in Rio is so much beutifull .more nature and of course brazilians are very warm and kind…… .

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