Last day in Rio

The weather was not good when I woke up. So no last day on Copacabana beach for me. The view from my bedroom.

Instead I walked with Rod’s mother through the streets of Copacabana and saw a local market.

We were on the way to a street fair and took the metro to Uruguiana, where we shopped a bit and I bought some more Havaianas.

Then we went to a kilo restaurant for lunch, really yummy here.

And although I didn’t join Sylvia on her trip to Buenos Aires, I was there nonetheless.


Late afternoon I met my cousin Lisa who lives at the moment in Rio.


Later on we went for dinner at the Churrascaria. Since Brazil is famous for it, this had to be tried as well. Dinner was wonderful, but of course way too much meat and all. Still an experience not to be missed.

Yours, Pollybert

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