Waiting for spring & Mick Hucknall

We finally managed to fill out the Russian visa application correctly. It only needed a couple of attempts, print-outs and so on. In the end it was correct and accepted by the embassy. Thanks to my friend Tici I didn’t have to go there again. She dropped off our applications, and by applying a very haughty manner she was first in line at the visa desk. So there was no waiting involved. What are we learning here? Arrogance can pay off. We will receive our passports including the visas on Good Friday.

Yesterday I went to the Konzerthaus to see Mick Hucknall. I quite liked ‘Simply Red’ when I was younger and wanted to know what he was up to on his own.
His voice is still amazing, rich and full and all embracing. But the face…I am not sure what happened to him. I just felt he looked a lot closer to 60 than his 50 years. Also, although I sat right in front he didn’t photograph well. His face is always white. More like a ghost which you can’t catch on pictures either.



His voice and the surroundings were amazing, some songs not necessary (he sang quite a few cover versions) but overall I liked it.


Last Friday I finished ‘Das gelobte Land‘ and started to read Game of Thrones, ‘A Clash of Kings‘. Am very excited that I can go on reading. The story is amazing and characters are really well developed!

‘Das gelobte Land’ btw was quite interesting. I didn’t mind that Remarque never finished it. The story was almost done. And the endings he had in mind would not have worked for me anyway. So I am quite happy with the end it has. Also it gives an interesting insight in the Jewish emigrants lives during WWII.

Because spring keeps us waiting, I spent most of my weekend in the couch reading. The hellebore are out, but snow is still here as well.
Yours, Pollybert


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