Balcony season

A balcony in Vienna is like a bit of heaven in the city. Usually in fall I leave most of my one year plants outside, put the big ones on the window sills of the hallway of the apartment building and leave the smaller ones on my windows. Every year when spring arrives the cleaning of my balcony is not a task I look forward to.


So when the weather turned nice last week and I had an evening to myself I wanted to sit outside and read my book. But not a chance in this mess. So last Tuesday evening after going for a run, I decided instead of cooling down on the couch I would clean my balcony. I washed the shelves, threw the old plants away, put all the plants outside that survived the winter in my apartment and the hallway, and in the end cleaned the little table and my chair. What a bliss!
Friday afternoon after work I went to the market and bought lots of herbs, Saturday I bought the flowers for the boxes. And this is the result:


What I am the most excited about is this one plant that looked dead, it was in the hallway and when I brought it out on the balcony I though I had not survived the winter. But look at it now, it got little leaves all over.

You can see as well that I made some progress with Game of Thrones. I am now on George R.R. Martin’s book number 4 “A Feast for Crows“. I loved the first three, they were really well written, the stories taking very interesting turns, people were killed off left and right and no one was safe. Book 4 feels a bit rushed. Although it has the same amount of pages as the other three (around 1000), it is shorter since the print is bigger. And I feel a bit cheated, it’s kind of as if he was in a rush to write it. Some characters are not followed, I don’t get what’s up with this. Maybe it will all be better in book 5? I just hope I feel this excitement again that I had when I read the first three.
Yours, Pollybert

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