Weekend leisure

Last weekend I went to see my great-uncle (the one who sponsors the classic concert tickets) and we went for lunch on the Bisamberg. The restaurant on top has a new tenant and we wanted to check if the food was still good. Lunch was so-so, nothing great, but the walk after with my uncle turned into a treasure of information. We passed a ‘hunting lodge’ which awaits its restoration since 1957. The City of Vienna apparently just waits until the problem disappears by itself.

We left the villa and its problems behind us and took in the amazing view over Vienna.

Here my uncle explained life or something like it.


This weekend I had a different program. Yesterday evening I was at my friend’s place enjoying a Wiener Schnitzel (excellent as usual!) while waiting for the Champions League finale at the Wembley stadium to begin. Ok, not true. We had to eat at 6pm to finish latest at 7pm to not miss one minute of pre-program before the start. Her boyfriend makes an amazing potato salad but when it comes to sport viewing he has his own rules. So we had almost two hours to go and watched the mounting excitement in the room.

It grew further when the game began because the BVB had quite a few chances in the beginning. Still, the others won. I like passive sport better when my team wins. Therefore I left right after the game. Also I had to get a good night’s sleep for my big race today.
Today was active sport’s day with a participation in the Women’s Run. A little check on how the training goes for the sprint triathlon. I am quite happy with the result, had a time of under 31min for the 5k race.

Of course the time is a personal thing, we were all winners. Our team this year was decimated due to health issue, so it was just the two of us.

Yours, Pollybert

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