The Medicis and a stroll through Siena

Friday morning started with a bit of fog and a morning run. Still have to train for the sprint triathlon, so Eva and I went up the mountain. We rewarded us with a coffee and a mini cornetto at Monica’s on the way down before breakfast at Il Lampaggio.

We decided on a cultural program for the day due to the overcast sky. First stop was Cerreto Guidi to visit the local Medici villa (free entry). Apparently it was not worth the visit as some of our group have seen more interesting villas last year, but I quite liked it. It had a beautiful view over the surrounding country side and a small garden.




After such an exhausting visit more coffee was in order and then the new family and I decided on a trip to Siena. If you have never been there, go! One of my favorite cities in Italy if not my favorite one. But see for yourself.








More shopping and Campari spritz drinking was done before we headed back to Il Lampaggio for dinner. We made a little detour in Firenze, not knowing that we had to take the auto route for 3km before taking our road the Fi-Pi-Li again. So then it was more like 20km driving through scenic Tuscany. One cannot complain about this. Dinner was excellent as usual and again too good to take time for pictures.
Yours, Pollybert


  1. Mmm, ricciarelli, my favourites! They always remind me of weeks spent studying in Siena! Its definitely my favourite Italian city too! Great post!

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