A weekend with friends

Isn’t Friday just the best day of the week? For me it means a short work day which makes every weekend half a day longer.
On Friday evening I met friends from ages ago, most of whom I haven’t seen since at least a couple of years. We met at ‘Zur alten Kaisermuehle‘ a restaurant right next to the old Danube. The place is lovely, it has a huge garden with a lot of big old trees. While the location is beautiful, the service and the kitchen have seen better days. Also the kitchen closes at 10pm, the restaurant at 11pm; not the ideal place to linger.

Saturday was way more relaxed. I was invited for BBQ by Karin and her husband. It started already in the afternoon and was in another lovely garden at the outskirts of Vienna. I was armed with 3 bottles of Prosecco and orange juice when Sylvia met me at a nearby train station and gave me a lift. The garden was not in walking distance from any public transport (at least for me cause I am lazy) when one is laden with heavy provision. Our host was already busy


while our hostess welcomed us with a glass of Prosecco.


I relaxed in the sunshine


while Sylvia as usual couldn’t sit still and went owl checking while eating unripe apples.


It was such a perfect afternoon, the company, the food and the weather. Life can’t get any better!

Sunday was another gorgeous day, hot and sunny and a deep blue sky without a cloud. Cat picked me up from home and off we went. First to see her horse and for her to go riding while I waited in the shade, pleasantly occupied with a cup of coffee and the sunday papers. For lunch we were invited to one of her friends who greeted us at her garden door with four dogs barking as background chorus. Besides her own two she was dog sitting the others. Eventually even the last one got used to us intruders and relaxed.


We were spoiled with a delicious lunch, an oven roasted sole resting on a bed of tomato, cucumber, olive and then sprinkled with Parmesan.


(As usual the picture was taken after I started eating)

The rest of the afternoon was spent lounging in the sun and reading some more.

At 6 pm we had to return to Vienna because Cat and I had plans to try out a new workout. Cat already went last Tuesday, telling me she had muscle pain for at least 4 days and that regardless/because of this the program was excellent. I decided on going with her and maybe if I liked it too, we could go together every week. My first class of HIIT was a big ‘hit’. I am still sore all over, but regardless/because of this I will go again.
Yours, Pollybert


  1. ja, wir haben ein Leben – wie die jungen Hunde :-)
    Essen, sonnen, schlafen – H.I.I.T. …

  2. Patricia Sylvia Bukovacz

    nice Cats and dogs ;-)
    ps: contrary to the majority opinion, the unripe apple did not do anything to my digesting parts…

  3. Was für ein Leben :-)

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