Bad Ischl

Yesterday afternoon we went to Bad Ischl, a former imperial summer residence. Every place in Bad Ischl refers to the emperor or the imperial past which is annoying but the tourists love it.
The locals visit Bad Ischl for its world famous cafè and pastry shop the Zauner .
We stopped for coffee and cake at the cafè right next to the river.

Here are some more impressions from Bad Ischl.

20130817-180938.jpg 20130817-180958.jpg 20130817-181014.jpg 20130817-181025.jpg

We made also a short stop in Bad Goisern to visit my friend Ute and her baby boy Felix.

20130817-182016.jpg 20130817-182031.jpg

On the way back to our house I started a new book, I am reading now ‘Polyanna’ by Eleanor Hodgman. My friend from deli*bluem told me about it and I had to download it right away. Since I forgot Harold Pinter at home, I had to read something else.

I went for another morning run today, still only one round and but then I had to do some gardening, so I had enough exercise. I was mowing the lawn for more then three hours and have now blisters to show for it on both my thumbs, my right middle finger and my right ankle. I am not really sure if it was worth it, but my mother seems pleased for a change.
I will leave you with another look at surrounding scenery.
Yours, Pollybert



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