World Heritage or a day trip with the office

Friday was the perfect working day! My office got the day off and we went on a day trip to the Wachau. We started with a late breakfast in Krems at the Café Raimitz. The weather was perfect, warm and sunny and supposedly the last summer day for this year. Some of us even had ice cream for breakfast.


After two relaxing hours in the sun we went on to the Stift Göttweig.


The abbey is part of the World Heritage Wachau.


Our guide entertained us with stories of the region, its people, the monarchs and other tidbits of the abbey. We passed more than 90 minutes walking around the church and the emperor wing. The for me most interesting room, the library, was not part of the tour. We were informed that we would need the governor of the province with us to view it. Sadly, he couldn’t make it.

20130826-110048.jpg 20130826-110102.jpg

20130826-110120.jpg 20130826-110138.jpg

See here some more pictures from the emperor wing.

20130826-110249.jpg 20130826-110314.jpg 20130826-110349.jpg20130826-110406.jpg

We stopped for something to drink at the enclosed restaurant and then made our way to the Garten Tulln, Wasserpark. There we rented a canoe and paddle boat to get some exercise on this lazy day. My colleagues in the canoe were especially successful, using the available breadth of the river to its maximum.

20130826-135426.jpg 20130826-135446.jpg 20130826-135502.jpg

After being so sporty we made our way to the final destination for the day, the Heuriger Friedrich. A Heuriger is typical Austrian pub where wine from the owner of the place is sold and drunk. Now the place we went to belongs to the parents of the ice cream man. Not only are they selling their own wine, they also serve the products from the uncle next door.

Note the open door in the back through which the bulls can go outside to take some air. The same is possible for the pigs.

20130826-141815.jpg 20130826-141830.jpg

Also the rest of the farm was a pleasure to visit.

20130826-141950.jpg 20130826-142012.jpg 20130826-142036.jpg

And here is the end product of the farm.

Also delicious were the spreads.


We had such a lovely time, I am glad we could do this.
Yours, Pollybert

20130826-143553.jpg 20130826-143609.jpg 20130826-143643.jpg 20130826-143700.jpg 20130826-143713.jpg 20130826-143745.jpg 20130826-143808.jpg 20130826-143826.jpg

PS: I finished ‘Angels‘ by Marian Keyes. The book is as easy to read as all her others but maybe just not as entertaining. I have started now with ‘The Book Thief‘ by Markus Zusak. I had it home since a long time, had already started years ago, then left it somewhere and only got it back a couple of months later and never picked it up. But Lainey Gossip talked about it the other day here, which gave me the final push to pick it up again.

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