Birthday presents and other mysteries

Two years ago my friends presented me with an amazing gift for my birthday. They had all chipped in and gave me a lot of cash to buy myself the perfect reading chair.

First it took me ages to start looking and then even longer to choose one, but in the end I settled on an Eames Chair. Although it was an obscene amount of money, it was not enough to buy the real deal. I therefore decided on a replica, ordered and paid for it online on January 5th (this year) at Infurn.

And guess what? The ottoman got delivered on Wednesday. The chair is still missing, but it can only be weeks now, at least by the information on their website. Because as a special customer service you only get bombarded by their newsletters on a weekly basis, but for information on your orders you have to log on to their website and check for an update.

Usual delivery time is 10-12 weeks. After 18 weeks I was informed that the chair was not passing their quality inspection and the delivery would be delayed another 8 weeks. That would have made it the beginning of July in my books, not in theirs though. For my inconvenience they gave me twice a 10% gift certificate in the amount of the chair price. If I order something now I will probably have it for Easter next year.

While the ottoman is undeniable beautiful there is one visible fault that kind of disturbs me. A crease right in the middle between the two buttons.


But I don’t want to complain, the thing is finally here. I might be a bit worried about the rest of the chair though.

Also on this exciting Wednesday I had a cultural program in the evening. With my ‘go to’ (or better go with) friend Sylvia for all things cultural we had a ‘Mystery Tour’ planned at Schloss Neugebäude (Neugebäude Palace).

This was as far as the mystery went. We read about it on the announcement but there was no mystery to be detected on the guided tour we took.

20130830-185636.jpg 20130830-190139.jpg 20130830-190238.jpg

Sylvia and our ‘quota man’ Georg paying rapt attention to the explanations of our guide.

We decided to pass on the included goulash and headed home. All in all the palace was not worth the visit, maybe it’s better during the day?

20130831-122534.jpg 20130831-122701.jpg

Us girls from the ‘city’: Sylvia, yours truly and Karin

I also have a sportive update. I have signed up for Vienna Night Run in fall and started with the training this morning. I know, I know, there is still room for improvement.


On another note, I will be going to Spain next Friday and you can look forward to a couple of travel posts from there.
Yours, Pollybert


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  2. Sorry about the late delivery.. But thx for the info! I was planning to order the chairs for my deli there…

  3. Patricia Sylvia Bukovacz

    They spelled it all wrong – that night there was no mist either ;-)

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