Wa la ghalib illa Allah – There is no winner but Allah

This was the motto of the Nasrid dynasty which is found all over the walls of the Alhambra. I was finally there.


We met our guide, a woman named Margarita, and started our tour again in German and English. But first we were hooked up to electronic devices and could leave the group for up to 15 meters. Any further and the static buzz would make your ear implode.

I can’t tell you anything new about the Alhambra and will leave this to books (eg ‘Tales of the Alhambra‘ by Washington Irving) and online information. I found it breathtaking, beautiful and astonishing in its contrasts. The Alhambra is the whole complex within the red walls, each building within called by a different name. The Palace of Charles V, Alcazaba (fortress), Palace of the Nasrids and so on. I will leave you with the pictures to speak for themselves.



The Palace of Charles V.

20130913-103405.jpg 20130913-103434.jpg 20130913-103900.jpg 20130913-104056.jpg20130913-104413.jpg 20130913-104627.jpg 20130913-104656.jpg20130913-104759.jpg 20130913-104922.jpg 20130913-105003.jpg20130913-105038.jpg 20130913-105255.jpg

The Court of the Lions and harem.

20130913-105426.jpg 20130913-105601.jpg 20130913-105715.jpg20130913-105743.jpg20130913-105825.jpg20130913-110012.jpg20130913-110037.jpg 20130913-110622.jpg 20130913-110655.jpg20130913-110752.jpg20130913-110851.jpg20130913-111007.jpg20130913-111034.jpg

View on Albaicín (the former medina of Granada) from the palace.

20130913-111336.jpg 20130913-111803.jpg20130913-111856.jpg20130913-112020.jpg20130913-112046.jpg

And then we were on the final leg of the tour the Generalife garden.

20130913-112521.jpg 20130913-112545.jpg20130913-112703.jpg20130913-112724.jpg20130913-112852.jpg20130913-112913.jpg20130913-112937.jpg20130913-113001.jpg

The Alhambra in the background.

20130913-113130.jpg 20130913-113154.jpg

And that was the end of the tour. It took us a bit more than 2 hours to walk through all the palaces and gardens. In the end it was not enough time. I got a good overview but there is more to see. Another reason why I have to come back to Granada.
Yours, Pollybert

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