Goodbye Spain, Hello Vienna

Our vacation was definitely over. The night before we had already started packing and just one more breakfast was waiting for us before going to Malaga to catch our flight back. The weather was gorgeous, the sun was out in full waving goodbye.

20130915-222533.jpg 20130915-222427.jpg

By the way the old lady behind me was drinking Cava all day long always starting with a glass at breakfast. Maybe that’s the secret of growing old?

Then we only had to get our luggage from the room with another stop at the guest library (just couldn’t resist) and off we went to Malaga. Everything went smooth, we even arrived ahead of time and I was home by 6:20pm. On the flight I finished the second book of ‘The Hitchhiker’s’ series ‘The Restaurant at the End of the Universe‘ by Douglas Adams. I have to start to appreciate the humor of the books. Had a couple of laugh out loud moments.

When I arrived home, I just unpacked and went for a run. Obviously I am motivated. Have another sporty deadline looming ahead of me plus an increased waistline after the vacation.


This was it with vacation for the year 2013, I have nothing else planned so far. Now I have to take my time to think about where I can go in the future. Will keep you posted. Yours, Pollybert

PS: Saw this picture and it says it all.



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  1. always follow irresistible impulses!

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