McCartney in the galaxy

Saturday was an exciting day in the sense of experiencing something new. After my raw food brunch which left me full but not stuffed I decided it was time again to do something cultural. The Linda McCartney exhibition was ending the day after therefore no time like the present and off I went to the Kunsthaus. Since she was also vegetarian it was only fitting to see her exhibition after.


The exhibition promised an intimate look into her life with this poster.


But it was so much more than this. She had already worked as a photographer before meeting Paul and kept on working. Some of her pictures were really amazing from the insight they gave into the era of the 60’s. Others were beautiful from an esthetic point of view.

20131011-154054.jpg 20131011-154116.jpg


It’s all good spending a day doing nothing except eating and strolling through a museum but running is still very much on my mind these days. We have decided on running the New Year’s Eve run which is actually not in the evening but in the morning. We are trying to keep up with the training and meet once a week to go together. Which is quite a lot of fun. I also try to go at least once per week alone to run at a faster pace. Eventually we will all get there but my next run needs to be faster.

The last two weeks I also found the time to read some books. I finished ‘Perfect‘ by Rachel Joyce. I am still not sure what to think about it because it took me a while to get through it. Yes you read correctly, to get through it. It is perfectly well written but it doesn’t hook you (or at least not me). Once you put it down it stays down. Since I wanted to read something else I made myself take it up again and again. But I measure the success of a book in unputdownable moments. This one was not a success. The story is interesting and it should be fast paced because it is all about the two added seconds, but it just drags on. I have to thank the courtesy of the hotel library in Marbella for the book.

After ‘Perfect’ I finished ‘So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish‘, book four of the Hitchhiker’s trilogy by Douglas Adams. Quick and fast paced and thoroughly enjoyable, I love it when a book gets read almost by itself. Am now on to book number 5 of the trilogy from Douglas Adams ‘Mostly harmless’. It appears to be like an afterthought to the trilogy because it starts years after the end of book four. I hope all characters get an ending this time, some were only mentioned in passing in book four.
Have a great weekend! Yours, Pollybert


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  2. love your first pic! great movement and feeling captured…

  3. Die Ausstellung klingt interessant! Schade dass sie schon vorbei ist!

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