Karaoke rocks!

Friday evening was karaoke time. Finding an evening which worked for all of us girls was no easy feat. We met at Sing your Song our favorite karaoke bar which is nevertheless a dump that serves the most headache inducing wine. But the quality of the drinks is not the main interest here, it is the music that makes this place special! The choice of songs available and the regular singers who frequent the place makes it the perfect setting for a girls night of karaoke.

Our friend Conny whose theme could be ‘Don’t steal my thunder’


took to the stage like a fish to the water and entertained us with a number of heart-wrenching songs. Some of them beautiful, some others ear splitting. Whatever, her stage presence was definitely unforgettable.


There was also a lot of love felt between the different singers. While sorting through the pictures I noticed that Cat was feeling it especially!




When so much love was felt all around a scene like this was a bit disturbing.20131027-124128.jpg

That looked quite painful.

Meanwhile Deli Bluem looked rocked offstage as good as onstage.


A perfect night, let’s do it again!
Yours, Pollybert


PS: The fuzziness of the pictures is due to the camera and not the state of the photographer!


  1. great post! loved reading it… i miss karaoke. used to go every week when i was in japan. my go-to was Adams’ Summer of 69 – and Sinatra’s My Way! what’s yours?

  2. My song for the next time has to be: I’m so emotional Baby … ich hab euch halt einfach lieb – auch beim Singen ;-))

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