Glen Hansard forever!

We just enjoyed an amazing concert from Glen Hansard in Linz.


As usual the incomparable artist was giving everything and trying to motivate his audience to sing along. After having seen him and The Frames now for the fifth I am not really sure about the audience in Linz. Moving their bodies a bit and mouthing along to the songs, more was not seen in the beginning.

Glen Hansard at least started with his usual enthusiasm and an unplugged song.

He lost his toque right after the first song, I don’t believe he was cold for a minute. The show was from the same tour that I saw in Vienna a year ago but with a lot more musicians on stage. Trumpets, a saxophone, a violin, a cello and a piano accompanied the regular other instrument players on stage. It actually looked quite crowded up there. But the sound that was coming from the stage was mind blowing and all of this for three hours. This man never gets tired.

I was glad to see that his former band members from The Frames are still with him. Including especially Joe Doyle, super cute as ever. I don’t think he has changed since I have seen him the first time years ago.


I was a bit disappointed that his stage position has moved all the way to the back and almost right behind Glen Hansard. While before he was next to him, he now was almost hidden behind the great singer.

Lovely concert, still feel the emotion and passion in me from this evening. Glen Hansard and his band kept on playing for three hours and in the last hour I felt that the audience was finally coming along for the ride!

All of a sudden a young musician from the audience called Mike so and so (sorry, if anybody caught his name, just let me know) came onstage and played one of his own songs. He was surprisingly good!

And this was the final straw to mobilize the audience to really sing and dance along. I would not have thought that they could be so loud and enthusiastic!

What a show, how amazing was that again to see Glen Hansard again in Austria! Please come again soon, if possible to Vienna. While I am willing to get myself to the show, the drive home is long. Yours, Pollybert





  1. Was Mike Beech on Nov 12, 2013

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