The merry season in Vienna

The month before Christmas I am unusually busy. Not at work, no. There I have mostly preparatory work for the next year to do, but socially I am demand. I would feel almost stressed if I didn’t enjoy it so much. I love my friends dearly and want to see as many as possible before Christmas Eve. It is not always possible, but believe me I am doing my best. And if we don’t make it this year, we still have the next.

I started this month with a visit to a winter market at the Semperdepot (sorry only in German). The Semperdepot from the end of the 19th century was used as storage and production building for theater decorations and settings. The academy of fine arts organizes the market and lets its students show and sell their creative work.


Sylvia even found something to buy for her place while I enjoyed just looking around. We also tried each a slice of delicious cake with a cup of coffee, and supported child labor by buying a handcrafted card.


We also had to take some pictures in the entrance hall for you to see the amazingness of the Semperdepot.



There was even parking available for strollers. Definitely a very interesting concept and I can only recommend for next year!

Just a couple of days later it was time for St. Nicholas and his ‘companion’ Krampus. As kids we cleaned out shoes and boots and put them outside and then the next morning hopefully we would find a red paper bag inside them full of apples, clementines, nuts and chocolate. Nowadays the gifts for the children are a lot bigger and more sophisticated. But the color theme is still red. My friends and I celebrated the day with a party in the evening.



They look so naughty, I wonder if they got any gifts? Yours, Pollybert


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  2. Patricia Sylvia Bukovacz

    The best Christmas market place I ever saw is in Budapest in front of the main Cathedral – I really wonder why Hungarians flood the Viennese Christkindlmärkte for their own is so much nicer. After sunset you can enjoy every 30 minutes a superb multimedia digital show “thrown” right at the facade of the St. Steven’s Basilica – you are made believe the old stones come to life! Really worth the visit!! Merry Christmas everybody!

    • As a seasoned traveller I have of course already been to the Christmas market in Budapest. Although to my shame I have to say that I missed the light show due to earlier travel arrangements. I am not sure about it being the best but it was definitely beautiful.

  3. I am so happy to be the last one in 2013 and the first one in 2014 you will be together with ;-)

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