The merry season in Vienna Part III

As I might have mentioned in an earlier post the month before Christmas is a socially busy time. Just a couple of days after the book club meeting, I met some other friends (including the indispensable Cat) for an early ‘Merry Christmas’ wishing. We met at Figls (a place I cannot recommend for dining) which is right in the middle of where we all live but also because our usual go-to place in the area was totally booked.

As you can see from the draped coats and shawls we had a drafty table. The food was as usual so-so and I think that one can eat there only the fried stuff. Still we had an enjoyable evening and were happy to get together in this constellation shortly before Christmas. It’s not so easy for the mothers in our group to find some time (Ok, just a joke. Usually I am the one who is super busy).



We called it an early night, apparently not just I was exhausted from all the partying. Still we found the time to take some pictures in full winter outfit.


Even though we were both wearing a beanie, there is no winter happening in Vienna right now. So far no snow and mostly foggy. So when I left Vienna a couple of days later for my company’s Christmas party in Upper Austria I thought we had arrived in winter wonderland.20131224-154037.jpg

Doesn’t it look beautiful?

I have no pictures from the Christmas party, I was too busy to talk to all my colleagues and to stay out of harm’s way (aka the alcohol. Never mix business with pleasure. Ok, that sounds weird as if alcohol gives me pleasure. Better strike that).

The next morning we left for Vienna again and in the afternoon I had another traditional meeting with friends. Always before Christmas we meet at Meinl am Graben (sorry, only available in German) for Champagne and gossip. I love traditions!! This year we welcomed our young member Felix for the first time, the other youngster couldn’t make it due to some serious case of grumpiness.20131224-154957.jpg

After a quick stop at the Kameel (see Part II) we ended the evening on the rooftop of the Hotel Lamee. Besides a very drinkable mulled wine the rooftop offers an unbeatable view over Vienna.



Thank God for another relatively early night because Saturday we had a birthday dinner and I was lucky enough to get the seat right next to the girl! I don’t know where the haze is coming from, it almost looks like in David Hamilton movie. While all the other girls moved on to another party, we both had enough for the night and stayed on for some more drinks. Check out these delicious looking Ginger Cosmopolitan and Thai Daiquiri!



I used Sunday to relax a bit, visiting family, taking a HIIT class and then just hitting a pub with friends. Monday on the other hand was again very busy. I took some me-time and started the day with a quiet breakfast at Motto am Fluss. I love to spend time on my own with a book and a cup of coffee.

Then some last minute shopping had to be done and later in the afternoon I had an invitation to some more mulled wine. This invitation was just the overture for the rest of the evening. We left around and headed to another party with a short stop at the Christkindlmarkt.




From the market we made our way to the annual Christmas party of a pub/restaurant that I frequent only for Christmas. In earlier years it was always jam-packed but this year it seemed kind of empty. Still we enjoyed the last evening before Christmas together and had a merry time.






And with this last picture I leave you for today. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are now enjoying some quiet time! Yours, Pollybert

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