Atonement By Ian McEwan: Atonement has already been made into a movie a couple of years ago. I can still remember the Keira Knightly in stunning costumes and the heartbreaking love story with James McAvoy. With these protagonists in mind I started the book and it didn’t disappoint me. The unfulfilled love story just became more vivid and emotional. The story has a nice pace and the descriptions are rather supporting than boring. And as usual the book has an emotional depth that the film lacks. But I will definitely watch the film again now.


A Walk in the Park by Jill Mansell: I thought it would be nice and fluffy to end the year on a chick lit note. But then it took me a while longer than I thought plus it had too many happy endings. Is that even possible in a chick it lit? Yes, it can. Still I finished on my last vacation day in 2013 and it left me with a warm feeling that everything is possible in the new year! So maybe it’s the result that counts?


Jáchymov by Josef Haslinger: based on the true story of Bohumil Modrý, the goalie of the Czechoslovakian national ice hockey team who won the world championship twice in 47 and 49. The book is confusing the first couple of pages but then the story picks up and gets better and better. The second half I finished in one go. A view behind the iron curtain, heartbreaking!


Ein Leben in 23 Tagen by Alva Sokopp: So how do you review a book from someone you know? I find this very difficult but will try my best to be objective. But first I have to say: this is impressive!  I know an author of a real book. The story is about a guy (good-looking and wealthy) who hears a voice one morning that tells him he has only 23 more days to live. From that moment on he changes his life, meets the girl of his dreams (quirky, funny and young), makes up with his family and gives money to a charity. All in all it is a bit much and over the top. The story telling makes up for it though, it’s fast paced and funny. The characters are vivid even if stereotypical and sometimes incomprehensible in their actions, however there were scenes where I recognized myself. Definitely a feel good book!

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