A weekend in the Alps

If one goes skiing for a weekend and there is not enough snow, what’s a girl to do? Already the night before I left I decided to leave my skiing outfit at home. The weather forecast told of a warm front and not enough snow. So what’s the point of lugging all my stuff with me to the mountains and then not wearing it?

Since the trip was planned, booked and paid for I decided to take full advantage of my additional free time. Saturday morning the sun was shining, beckoning me to go and sit outside to get a full dose of vitamin D.

The rest of day was spent exploring the village of Fügen, drinking coffee in a quaint little bakery (ok to be honest this sounds way better than it was because the nearest coffee house was closed and I had my coffee in the bakery of the local supermarket. Still, the coffee was great!) and then later going for dinner at a recommend Italian place. The food turned out so-so but the wine was quite good and the company excellent!

Sunday now was an especially lazy day. Due to the lack of sunshine I preferred staying indoors for most of the day and then spent my afternoon at a local spa. The Kohlerhof offers a sauna area that lacks nothing. But I had to decline the use of the outdoor pool. While being nude (which was obligatory at the place) was not the problem per se, the skiing slope for toddlers next to the outdoor pool was just a tad too much for me. Can’t give the little ones the shock of lifetime with my goddess-like body, haha! Seriously, even though we Austrians have a healthy relationship with nudism I like to draw the line where children under the age of 10 and passersby are involved. Actually make that children under the age of 18. Don’t want to be responsible for “dreams” , wet or any other kind. Even though I am probably too old to inspire any kind of dreaming. So never mind, let’s make it the age of 10 then. But I seem to have lost track of what I wanted to say. Regardless, I didn’t use the outdoor pool but still enjoyed all the rest of the spa area.

When you have a lazy weekend the Monday cannot be so different otherwise it would ruin the effect of the recreation. The last morning was therefore spent entirely in front of the tv while enjoying a healthy and hearty breakfast. So was it worth it taking the train for five hours to go not skiing? Definitely! There is just something so magical about the Alps!
Yours, Pollybert

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