Blackout by Marc Elsberg: What happens when the lights go out? This is the beginning of a European nightmare. A hacker attack on the European power supply system and all its consequences are the content of ‘Blackout’, which is very realistically told. Makes one think on how much we are all depending on a working electricity network and how little we are prepared for its failing.


I Heart Christmas by Lindsey Kelk: Reading the latest installment in the ‘I heart’ series is like coming home and slipping under my duvet. Totally comfy and relaxing. The series has literately no value but it is also not pretending to be anything more than entertaining. Loved coming back to Angela and Alex.



Lionheart by Sharon K. Penman: Who hasn’t heard of Richard Lionheart? Some of you might only think of him in relation with Sean Connery as he rides into Sherwood Forrest in the last scene of Robin Hood with Kevin Costner. Ok maybe not, just realized that this movie is from 1991 (OMG!!!) and more of you might have seen the one with Russel Crowe from 2010. The point is not so much the movie here but that Richard Lionheart is a figure larger than life. Most people have heard of him like of Caesar, Napoleon, Alexander the Great. So how can you do him justice? By sifting through facts and myth and portraying him as the man he was. If you love history and great story telling, go for it! Btw if you are interested in English history, check out her other books. They are all excellent!


More Than This by Patrick Ness: Very interesting approach on what life is about. A young man takes his life because he doesn’t see any other way. And then he wakes up in a different world and slowly starts to realize that there is more than this. Wonderful lesson that we can all take to heart. Never give up, there is always more!


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