The reality of digital photography

Last Sunday Mrs. S. and I had a cultural outing. After meeting by chance while strolling through the World Press exhibition we decided to explore the cultural world from time to time together. So last Sunday we did just that and saw Michel Comte.


Since the Linda McCartney exhibition I am a proud owner of a yearly ticket for the Kunsthaus and made a resolution to really go and see all exhibitions they offer during the year. Of course, as far as resolutions go, it’s always difficult and basically I made it there on the last weekend possible. The timing couldn’t haven been better though, we had a free tour with one of the curators and it was not crowded. Probably everybody else in Vienna had already seen it.

Comte did a lot more than just celebrity pictures. He also worked on big marketing campaigns, nudes and reportages for charities like the Red Cross.



Interesting was also how the world of photography changed during the years, going from analog to digital. The guide explained the difference on two pictures of Cindy Crawford and Uma Thurman. While on Cindy Crawford’s you could actually still see some pores, there were none on Uma Thurman’s face. To better understand this process a film was shown on how the post production is done. Apparently every Euro which is spent for taking the picture is again spent in retouching. Crazy!!!


If you want to know more about photo-shopping and how regular women can look like supermodels, then go and read the Huffington Post article.

If not then let’s enjoy a couple of more pictures from this excellent exhibition. Yours, Pollybert




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