Eating in color – permanently closed

So what’s the most important meal of the day? Right, lunch of course. This is the meal that breaks up your work day and gives you a chance to relax a bit in the middle of the day.
Sure enough, most days are spent with a sandwich at the desk (ok, maybe not only a sandwich) but once in a while we saunter outside for something more nutritious.

For these outings we now found a new place within walking distance from the office after our usual culinary haven closed for lunch. I can only recommend the Gasthaus Stafler to the utmost for dinner though. Great home-cooked meals with fresh products and all served in an unpretentious atmosphere. You can’t do better food-wise.

For lunch we now have to roam a bit further but the Meidlinger Markt is still within walking distance. Lunching at a market always feels a bit like a holiday, doesn’t matter if it is the upscale Naschmarkt (more on it here) or the more rural Meidlinger Markt. More than a year ago the Milchbart opened which is great as well but has less tables available. Our new go-to place at the market is called Purple Eat. I read about it when it opened and the purpose of the place is great. It gives asylum seekers something to do while they are waiting for their applications to be processed and we locals can profit by enjoying very diverse home-cooked meals. Take a look of a couple of lunches that we sampled there (sorry about the bitten-in sandwich, but as you know once the food is on the table there is nothing stopping me). Lunch by the way consists of a small starter, one main dish in either vegetarian version or with meat and a dessert.


The face my colleague makes has nothing to do with the food and probably more with his extracurricular activities outside of the office. If you are around, go ahead and taste something new. They also offer a big variety of different vodkas.
Yours, Pollybert



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  2. love the looks of the radish sandwich and borscht soup… yum!

  3. Patricia Sylvia Bukovacz

    What kind of extracurricular activities? Could you be more specific? ;-)
    Everything looks good!

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