On Friday we did more of the same. The day before we had exhausted all of our energies in Vathi therefore Pythagoron had to wait for today. First we had a great breakfast at our Hotel Niki again. Every morning we get something different with our coffee and tea, like ham, an egg or yoghurt with honey. The best part about the whole breakfast though is watching the other guests interacting with the litter of cats. There are seven young ones and they are all super cute. Problem is, the longer we stay at the hotel, they more I get sucked into the same kind of attention to the cats.

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Again we took the bus at 10am, this time already like seasoned travelers, knowing it wouldn’t be right on time and left the hotel just a couple of minutes before. Ah, to feel like the locals already after a couple of days, how great is that?

Pythagoreio turned out to be a lot more interesting than Vathi. First of all it has a castle (which Andrea likes to call “Kastl”, makes me laugh just writing it), with a church and a cemetery right next to it and a quaint little harbor. And, drumroll please now we come to the important information, it was the home of the great mathematician Pythagoras. The monument for him looks like a triangle, great choice for a great man!

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Check out the seagull on top!

From the port we walked back up the road to the bus station again. Pythagoreion really hasn’t that much to offer to stay for more than two hours during the day. It’s probably livelier in the evening.
A bit shopping on the way up and then we were on the way back to Ireon.

Our dinner on Friday was at Vuros Fish Tavern, the last restaurant at the end of the village. Right where it belongs at the end of the village, because it was definitely not good. Even the obligatory Greek salad was not tasting anything, so unbelievable. Really an achievement we hadn’t thought possible. When the waiter took away the plates I had to tell him what I thought. An urge I can’t seem to quell. But why would he ask in the first place when he sees a lot of stuff going back?
Yours, Pollybert

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The desert we got with a shot of sweet wine as an apology for the dinner. It was the best part of the meal.379

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