Last days in Samos

Since coming back two days ago I miss the sea and the climate from Samos. Now I really appreciate what we had there, especially when I look out the window and see the grey sky.


We had already decided to spend the last day on the beach near our hotel in order to sleep in and have a long and lazy breakfast. As you can see after a weeklong vacation Andrea looks already pretty relaxed.




This time we had a Samosan specialty for breakfast, something with chee410se on top. After two bites I removed the cheese (which we gave to the cats) and smeared jam on top. The amount of grease in it was barely covered by the sugar. Definitely not so great. I ate it all nonetheless. I think one has to give local cooking always a chance to convince. Didn’t happen though!





We had a super lazy day, taking lots of selfies, went swimming in the sea and just indulged our every whim.


Wine for lunch makes for a cosy sleep in shade, something I can whole-heartedly recommend. It was necessary to get some sleep because Greece was playing in the World Cup in the round of the last sixteen and the game was at 11pm with the time difference. What with almost all the games going into over-time it was a wise move!

We chose also very wisely that evening to go back to the hotel first and then watch the second half of the afternoon game in the bar. The fight between Mexico and the Netherlands was overwhelming especially since the Mexican goalie Ochoa is a strong keeper and gorgeous to look at. Football in the best possible way!
For our last dinner on the island we went again to Aristoteles, why change the venue now that we knew it was the best place (the one before last on the beach road). This time we had a whole fish, chosen by Andrea for its nice colour before the grill and the usual extras.



Just looking at the pics now makes me yearn for Greece again!

We all know how the game ended that night, so let’s not pour salt into this wound. But on the way to the bar we passed a hang-out at the beach where we saw something interesting parked in front.


We even got the impression that the horse was watching the game while the foal was definitely too tired!

Last morning, last couple of hours at the beach. Just relaxing for a couple more minutes and then it was already time to go!
Another great vacation in Greece over, have to try again soon!
Yours, Pollybert


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