Samos in a nutshell

While on vacation in Turkey I decided to post a list with things I learned during my time there. Now I would like to share with you my new found wisdom after a week in Samos.

  • Flies can actually bite! And no, I am not imagining this; At Pappa Beach I have watched them sitting down on my skin, searching with their nozzle (or however call this thing) for the best place to bite. It definitely stings!

  • On Sunday there is no room cleaning service in the hotel.

  • It’s possible to ruin a Greek salad with a tasteless dressing.

  • Sleeping on a pebble beach is reflexology on the back. Not sure it helps though.

  • The Greek are good losers. They didn’t cry foul when they lost in the World Cup.

  • Don’t eat fried fish in Greece.

  • Samosan wine (not only the sweet one) tastes of summer and is quite quaff-able.

  • Don’t trust the guide books. Ask the locals for opening times.

  • Enjoy the moment. It’s lovely as it is!

Yours, Pollybert434



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