Bohemian Rhapsody

Friday afternoon I started early into my weekend although there was still a lot to do in the office. We had a trip planned to Cesky Krumlov, a well known UNESCO World Heritage Site. While it is only about 200km from Vienna, there is no auto route going this way. Basically the whole drive is going through more or less idyllic villages.

After a three hour drive with no bathroom break, because our driver Sylvia was first not willing and later there was just nothing to stop at, we arrived at our B&B Pension Krumlov. A place I can only recommend since its location on a small hill makes for an excellent reason to imbibe only two Beton per evening.

Shortly after we made our way to the village center and got a first impression of its beauty.



But basically our main goal that evening was to find a place where to watch the first quarter final. In the end we watched the second half of the game in a small dingy hostel, a place we grew to love because we came back the next day. We started with some local snack (Kielbasa) and a boring second half of Germany vs France.
We did more walking around after the game to get a better look at the heritage site and to find a place to eat later.



Great business idea to put the bar directly in the way of tourists, no need to search for one.
We finally made our way to the castle and were completely awed.







Right on top of the castle complex where one had the best view, some Americans naturally held a 4th of July party.

It was already time to eat so we walked back through the castle to search for a restaurant and eventually decided on Papa’s Living Restaurant.



The food was ok, not great but in hindsight quite lovely. After dinner we stopped at the Hotel Ruze for the second half of the Brazil vs. Columbia game. I was super sad to see Columbia and James Rodriguez go home. What a shame! We left right after the game to walk uphill to our B&B. It was good to try only one Beton that evening, clever girl! One last look that night unto the castle and it was time for bed!
Yours, Pollybert




  1. Patricia Sylvia Bukovacz

    Let’ s hear the other side: the passengers started to ask for toilet breaks 20 minutes after we headed off – this way we would have never arrived in time for the soccer game – so the captain had to make a decision ;-)

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