What’s in your name?

When bored I like to surf the internet and once in while you can find super interesting stuff. My friend Susi gave me book called Journeyman which is about a guy who travels the world and works while doing so. I started reading it today and already finished the first chapter while on the metro. So when I arrived back home I scanned the QR code at the end of the chapter to look at his pictures from Shanghai, his first stop. Following the trail of his pictures on the book website, I came to his blog and started reading from the beginning of his journey and then came across his post about “time killing on a Saturday night“. From there I followed the link to Nerdcore and then on to urban dictionary.
And now to the fun part, here is the game:

  1. Go to urbandictionary.com
  2. Do a search for your first name
  3. Post the result

the result for Elisabeth:

1.Girls name, hebrew origin that means ‘my god is an oath’ or ‘my god is abundance.’ also a very pretty name.
Elisabeth is a really sweet girl.

  1. a beautiful girl, usually popular. Good with parents, teachers and boys. Sometimes can break your heart. Very sexy, loving, smart, and especially cool. Always in the mood for anything, can be a girly girl or a tomboy. Somedays prefers to get a manicure and pedicure done, some days prefers to go dirt biking.
    “Damn look at her…who is she?”
    “Her name is Elisabeth”
    “Holy shit that’s a good looking girl”

  2. a misanthrope and trained killer who is truculent and distracts prey with her intelligence and Winnie Cooper good looks. Also discriminates against the letter “z.”
    Seriously, who peed in her Cheerios today? She is being a total elisabeth.

  3. Elisabeth is a name which usually belongs to people who are slightly crazy. Their staring and very creepy eyes often freak other people out. Their incessant talking can quickly piss people off and make them suspect she is insane.
    Elisabeth. She is your worst nightmare.

    1. n. A long-torsoed female hailing from a state of gambling and prostitutes.
      “Dude, I met this chick the other night – she was awesome.”
      “Oh yeah, what’s she like?”
      “Total Elisabeth.”
      “Sweet Dude, I know you dig long-torsoed women who love Harry Reid and craps.”
  4. v. The process of wetting a piece of toilet paper to compensate for its sandpaper-like grittiness.
    Ahh, I totally have to Elisabeth it next time. Thank you. You have been most helpful.

Haha, I liked the dirt biking and trained killer part. So now you know with whom you are dealing!
Yours, Pollybert


  1. Patricia Sylvia Bukovacz

      I tried it too ;-) A Sylvia is very different from all the girls you’ll meet. If you meet one, you’ll always be able to tell because your heart will beat more rapidly and you’ll feel a strong attraction toward her. She is of unparalleled beauty inside and out, a perfect specimen. She is an intellectual genius who is always honest, loyal & upfront with anyone. She is best at hiding her pain, or even happiness. She loves everybody; some shes loves to be around, some she loves to avoid, and others she would love to punch in the face. She is easily annoyed/ irritated by people who are fake or don’t have any common sense.

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