Milchbart – Burger at the market – permanently closed

As I have said here before, lunch is the most important meal of the day. It divides the day in two perfect halves with a wonderful break in the middle.
The Meidlinger Markt hadn’t really a lot to offer. But it’s getting there, starting to look a lot more interesting. And it all began with Milchbart a little over two years ago.

With a changing menu every day, a main course on Friday that people can suggest and vote on and the weekly highlight of a burger on Thursday, nothing can go wrong. We tried the place already two years ago and were won over with fine cooking. The place is small, has only a couple of tables outside (and two inside), so one has to come early for lunch to grab one. Which we did on Thursday when the weather was especially fine, just the perfect mix of sunny and warm, to try the famous burger.

The mix of well seasoned meat, sauce and condiments was perfectly balanced, making every bite an explosion for all senses. I was making little approving noises while eating my way through the burger.


Must have been annoying for my two colleagues because they funnily enough didn’t like theirs. We had a divided front here, the girls liked them the guys didn’t. And it can’t have been a lack of meat because you can see the burger has a great size. We were also split on the potatoes, the bun and the desert. The guys missed the fries, we girls were happy with salt potatoes cooked in their skin.

And then the desert, bread curd pudding with crème anglaise and some crunch. So yummy!

I am starting to salivate just thinking about it. Really wish the weather will get better to soak up the sun and the good life at the market!
Yours, Pollybert

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