Touching down in Santorini

Sunday morning we left for Santorini and just a couple of hours later we touched down in Thira. Walking down the gangway of the plane and getting caressed by the warm winds made us feel welcome. We are here and we are on vacation and the weather is fine, actually more than fine. It is sunny and warm and no rain in sight, I cannot believe it!

After an airport pick-up from our hotel (excellent for a one day layover) Philippion we spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool soaking up the sun.

while Christoph entertained the first of probably many girls in the pool with his swimming antics.


Meanwhile I enjoyed a local beer and an intellectual stimulation.
Since the sunset in Santorini is one of the nicest, we made our way into the town. Strolling through the city we had a magnificent view on the caldera.

Actually there were supposed to be a couple of more pics but since two days I have been trying to upload them and the WiFi connection just sucks (at the Philippion as well as now on Ios). There is always a time-out while I try. I am now tired about it and therefore no more pics for the moment.

We walked around for a bit, found a bar at sunset to watch it all up-close. What was really interesting to see was all these couples holding hands, making out and starring into the setting sun, all the while taking pictures of each other with the setting sun and the caldera in the background. But the instant the sun set, they got up and left. Really weird in a way.

Of course I have pictures from the sunset as well but you will have to imagine it. We made our way slowly down through the village again to a restaurant that we saw in the way up. It had not the touristic view on the caldera but rather sat next to the main street. The food turned out to be amazing. All of it was washed down with a local rose.

After dinner and a digestive of ouzo we walked uphill again to find ourselves near a fish spa where Pat and I convinced Christoph to get his feet done with us. I have loads of pictures from this moment as well, but I guess at least Christoph is happy that I can’t upload. It was a rate sight to behold indeed! All three of us with the feet in the fish tank, tickled while the fish were eating away at our hard skin. I am not sure about the success rate of this kind of pedicure, it was definitely fun to do. The feet right after felt smooth and soft but later it was back to normal. And I know this means that I have to go to a pedicure more often, but that’s beside the point. So was it worth it going there? Definitely for the pictures I got out of it and the sensation of fish nibbling away, but beyond that you have make up your own mind.

With feet almost as soft as babies we walked with renewed vigor to the next bar/club called Koo. Two ouzos didn’t really make it a memorable night but a memorable morning. Still don’t have fond memories of this Greek drink (I have some blurred visuals from way, way back with ouzo and blue curacao and a horrible hangover. Very glad that these times are over, I mean the one of mixing whatever alcohol is available together, not the hangover apparently).

Anyway, we made our way back to the hotel sometime later that night, buying beer on the way to drink next to the pool. I had already left, but heard the next morning that Pat and Chris got reprimanded by the night concierge for not putting the chairs back. Haha, what a way to end the evening!
Yours, Pollybert


  1. Patricia Sylvia Bukovacz

    Did greek fishes do the pedicure? I am just asking in case you could bring some home ;-)
    Nice threesome :-)

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