The beach and nothing but the beach

Do you know this phenomenon that once you start doing nothing you keep on doing nothing? After three days in Ios this was exactly what happened. The boat tour and the night before had left us exhausted and we started the next day late and lazy as the days before.
Breakfast was followed by taking the bus to Mylopotas. Remember? It’s this beach:IMG_7572.JPG

Swimming, sleeping, reading and playing cards started to dominate our day. Probably not in this order, but one has to stay flexible. A late lunch with some beer helped to increase the sleeping rate.
On our way back to the hotel we stopped in the village and had a good look around. On top of the hill are three chapels from which you have a gorgeous view over the port and the neighboring bay.IMG_7579 IMG_7581 IMG_7584 IMG_7589 IMG_7608 IMG_7621
For dinner this night we tried another recommendation directly in the port. Meze Meze definitely had the weirdest Greek Salad of the trip. Each and every salad was a bit different while basically the same, but this one had pepperoni and pickled carrots. Weird might actually understating it. The rest was ok though just not memorable. We all agreed that we won’t go back to this place.

Saturday morning was another beautiful day with a late breakfast and more Mylopotas beach. By now we had found our rhythm and perfected the ability of doing nothing. The sun downers took longer and longer and for dinner this time we had the misfortune to miss the bus to the village. Woe and behold C had to take the stairs otherwise we would not have made it to dinner before 11pm. It was actually the only time in all of 9 days that we walked up the stairs. We quite often took them on the way down to the hotel, but going up was not for us. By Saturday of course we had already gained a bit from all the local delicacies.
Dinner that night took us to Nest, again on recommendation. The food was good but the place had the charm of a train station.IMG_7626

Just in case you are wondering, we were not bored! We really enjoyed this new-found laziness. Saturday marked also the end of the first week and we started to really get into the rest and recreation mode.
Yours, Pollybert

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