Breakfast at Kussmaul – permanently closed

The decorationWith a bunch of people I tried a new place for breakfast two Sundays ago and I promised you here its own review. There is definitely a lot to say about this place.

I had heard quite a bit about it, some not so great things from friends but also some very promising sounding reviews. So when the chance presented itself to have breakfast there, I took it. Kussmaul doesn’t look like much from the outside, but man it’s beautiful from the inside. Almost spectacular.

It looked really well renovated and while sitting in the winter garden there was no draft, a big problem at the last place I reviewed.


The decoration on both ends the window front was herbs and edible plant boxes which added a nice touch. The effect was a bit ruined though because some plants looked as if they needed more attention.
This and the irritating toilets (the jungle style was a bit much and my eyes needed some time to adjust to know where to go) were the only not so great features decor wise in this restaurant. Whoever planned it did a great job.

The menu offered three breakfast combos, extra dishes and breakfast à la carte. Our table ordered all three combos, plus some extra stuff so I could take pictures of everything. These were the three combos:
Let’s start with the positive: the presentation of everything was great except maybe the plate with all the bread. But from now it all went downhill.

I had the first combo and both the egg and the sausages were cold. Urgh, that was quite disgusting for breakfast. The “Tzatziki” in the middle was leaking on my cheese, which was totally bland by the way. The duck sausage had little bone pieces inside which made me constantly check my teeth. Also the plate was small and the sides curved upwards so there was no space to maneuver on it. Just cutting the sausages was difficult. To be fair the ham was great and I liked the already seasoned egg.

It was astonishing that also the soft boiled egg on the bread plate as well as the “hour” egg, the avocado/banana tartar and the hummus on the vegetable combo were cold.
The bacon and eggs dish on the other hand was hot and still steaming when it came to the table though the bacon was not crunchy as asked for but soft.


Also the separately ordered bread with cress looked tasty.

Prices were on steep side for breakfast. Especially since the coffee was not included in the combos and the overall impression was disappointing. We didn’t try any of the brunch combos so I can’t say anything about these. But judging from our experience it seemed as if the à la carte dishes were freshly made while the combos were already waiting to be ordered.

Service was considerate and very friendly. Our waiter was schlepping liter after liter of water to our table which was sorely needed after the night before. Only when we told him that the food was cold did he get a bit defensive.
All in all a beautiful place with a lot of room for improvement in the food department.
Yours, Pollybert


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