First night in Dublin

We took the long way to go to Dublin since the direct flight would leave on the way back at 7am. Therefore we decided to pay more and travel longer, just to have a relaxed going home.

Leaving Vienna at 1pm made for a great start. The whole morning was in front of me, I finished packing, read the newspaper and did some washing. That the whole thing then turned super stressful was really the fault of the washing machine.
Never mind, with a bit a of luck I made it to the meeting point on the time and we boarded the plane eventually with a smile.


Even on the plane we still kept smiling since Lufthansa had way better service than expected. We changed planes in Frankfurt which included a terminal change that lead us through one very long and weirdly illuminated tunnel.


And since most of our flight was in the direction of the sunset, I had to take a picture.


We arrived in Dublin with a bit of a delay due to foggy weather, something we know very well from Vienna. The airport looked small but well-organized and the Airlink bus, which we had to take to our hotel, was right outside. What I noticed right away, Dublin is a wifi capital. Starting immediately on the bus.


We got off at Christ Church Cathedral which was right next to our hotel, the Harding Hotel. Just 200m and then we could check in. And actually we didn’t get so far that evening. The Harding Hotel has a great pub downstairs and that’s were we regrouped for our first Guinness.



One Guinness turned into another


and then the band started.



From that moment on there was no leaving anymore. We ordered our food and ate right next to the bar.
As usual no pictures, sorry it was too good and anyway it was too dark in there. But I have to be honest our first Guinness was a small one, called a glass. Which is very embarrassing because today we heard it’s just for girls…
Not that I am not a girl but actually we had two rounds of small beers trying different ales and stouts and eventually settling on Guinness, in pint size. It’s so good here.
Yours, Pollybert

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