So this was Christmas

Finally the merry season is over! After an abundance of parties and other occasions which called for “excessive” drinking, we have now arrived shortly before New Year’s Eve. Which is great, comes with the new year not only a fresh start but also some new resolutions. The one from last year I achieved in May and then it all went downhill sportswise. Sorry to admit, but $#*! happens. It was wonderful to reach my self-imposed goal, only next time or rather next year I should keep on going. Better aim higher, already Nike said to just do it!

Whatever the costs to my waistline though, I had a wonderful December. Full of parties and lovely dinners. Not so many pictures though, I find that I tend to forget to take some when the spirits are high. The party season reached its peak with a surprise birthday party on the 25th, after that my body and mind demanded some down time. Which it got the last couple of days while doing exactly nothing at all. Here are some pictures though from the merry season, just looking at them reminds me of the fun times I had.003007IMG_9141IMG_9107

One more party and then the slim season is starting. Not much to celebrate in January (and I apologize to all the ones who have their birthday then; it is miserable month), just a straggler with an anti-Christmas party which is very much welcome this time of year. Du to the slim party pickings I have to concentrate on something else and settled on getting in shape again. With which I started yesterday by taking a walk through the city. I know you thought I would start with full power, but I like to ease into it. Here are some pictures from my excursion into the city before I settled in front of the TV again. Vienna with the first snow of the season.IMG_9124IMG_9125IMG_9126IMG_9129

I wish you all a Happy New Year and a blast while celebrating the end of the old year.
Yours, Pollybert


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