The Holy Grail

bachelorette-night-to-rememberLife’s biggest achievement for a woman lies in marriage. Once you are secure in a relationship and snagged a proposal there is only one way to go. Either in front of the altar or the registrar’s office. There is no alternative, make it or break it. At least that’s what I heard!

I also heard that if you are going through life alone, you must be utterly miserable and when one begs to disagree you must be lying. So let’s celebrate this Holy Grail of womanhood, feeling enwrapped in love and as a bonus maybe financially secure. There is no higher status for a woman in life then being a wife!

My friend Ali will reach this status tonight by tying the knot and to this end we celebrated her bachelorette party on Friday. Every reason to party is a good one (ok let’s be honest usually we need no reason to party), but a bachelorette party for someone middle-aged (and I am allowed to say that because I am the same age) is so much better. When society has already given up on you finding a life partner at your age (or actually any partner. Isn’t there a higher chance to get struck by lightning than finding a man after 40?), all the more reason to celebrate that you showed society the proverbial finger. You did it after all!

Twenty black clad girls (ok maybe women when the mean age is 45) met at Le Cru, a champagne bar downtown in Vienna. The theme of the night was “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and we all looked stunning! The bride herself dressed in black and white and got black a sash to let her stand out. And if some thought that we celebrated a divorce party, then it was probably just envy talking (but what a great idea for another party).

The owner must have been happy to see us leave, clearly we overstayed our visit long after closing time and all other customers took flight. Not that I blame them, twenty women with enough champagne are a force to be reckoned with.

From there we moved to Albertina Passage, Vienna’s only dinner club that has some international flair. A live band, international guests and an overall great atmosphere were the perfect setting for this emotional goodbye to bachelorhood.


Clearly our times for an R-rated surprise are over, nonetheless the maid of honor made sure that we still gushed “ah” and “oh”. Lots of alcohol was a good tactic to keep us happy, so when the cake came the effect on all of us was spellbinding.


The little sculpture on the right by the way showed a groom being chased up a tree. I am sure any similarities with real life were pure chance. (If you are wondering what the cake says: I succeeded as well!)

The party then took an unforeseen turn. The bride was not tired at all but astonished us all with an unheard of stamina. Not only did she dance the night away but took to the stage like a fish in the water and showed the younger girls on the dance floor how it’s done.

Clearly she was not the only one who showed us some astonishing moves. Definitely a night full of surprises (Videos are only on demand!).

So let’s all congratulate Ali on her upcoming nuptials. To quote Armstrong here: It’s one small step for a woman, but a giant leap for womanhood (over 40). We will think of her tonight! Yours, Pollybert

Update: The deed is done!



  1. reading your post was as much fun as having the party! – both great! thank you so much for this witty and funny summary of this special night

  2. it was so much fun … the evening and reading the post about it.

  3. your best blog post ever :-))) what a great night-out ;-)

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