Good morning Berlin 

The first full day in Berlin started with a lazy breakfast. We had already decided beforehand that we rather wanted to go for breakfast than eat at the hotel. So on this sunny morning we met Christina and Sophie at ‘their’ corner. While waiting for them we wondered what the people across the street were doing. It looked weird, like a gathering of deranged ‘Twilight’ fans. Turned out though that they were only trying to watch the partial sun eclipse.

Which was a great idea, so we looked for a moment as well (didn’t want to get a sunburnt imprint on my retina from looking too long) and then headed on to Bitter und Süß. This small coffeehouse had an eclectic mix of food and furniture. I had the English breakfast, while the girls shared an étagère.

IMG_9841  IMG_9832  IMG_9837  IMG_9839  IMG_9840Using the perfect weather we made our way to the Türkenmarkt (Turkish Market) along the Maybach bank. The market reminded me of the Naschmarkt in Vienna, although it looked less permanent and was a lot more diverse in regards to the produce. Also there were a lot of food stalls and all looked so fresh and appetizing. The girls loved especially the Quark Bar. And I had to try it as well, it tasted super yummy!


There was also music and people listening to it in the sunshine while others had their stall closed and went for prayer. The atmosphere was very open and inviting, very different from Vienna after all.


By then it was already early afternoon and it was time for some sightseeing. Not all of our little vacation was about fun and dance. But more about that later.
Yours, Pollybert


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  2. I like the colour and variety of food in the pics.

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  4. Sooooo wunderschön am Maybachufer … auf dem Markt war ich natürlich auch schon ;-)

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