Mountain flight 

Wake-up alarm at 5:15 and I had no problem to get up. I got ready within 15 minutes and had time for a banana. The banana was green but tasted ripe and ready. Then a call from reception that we should come down, our driver was waiting. With a couple that we met last night, we started our trip.

At this time it was already light outside, also some joggers were on the way and just a bit of traffic. Upon our arrival at the airport I got a slight shock, I forgot our tickets and any ID. And although I was starting to sweat inside, it turned out to be okay. The couple with us showed their ticket and it was enough to get us inside. Sylvia of course had her passport copy and with this and our names on the list we got our boarding passes. And from here on, please just enjoy.


These green hills are called mole hills by the locals because compared to the Himalayan mountains they are of course tiny.

This one is for my mother, she wanted me to greet the Everest. So here it is, right from the cockpit, the mountain that looks like a W turned upside down and the great one is the left one of the two.


I am sorry that I can’t tell you the names of the mountains but the pictures are spectacular.


At the top of the world watching these mountains, we were served a glass of champagne which made the whole experience into an unforgettable memory. Yours, Pollybert

IMG_0380 IMG_0382 IMG_0395 IMG_0400 IMG_0412IMG_0417 IMG_0431


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