Der alte König in seinem Exil by Arno Geiger: The new book for the book club which I will miss while traveling. The Alzheimer disease of the author’s father is told in such a way that you can feel with the father. How he gets lost in his own house and wants to go home more often than stay. How his family deals with the changed circumstances and how they all work together to make life at home possible for their father. He is never only the victim of his disease but always a person in his own rights. Quite funny a couple of times and well written.


Just One Day by Gayle Forman: The story of Allyson and Willem is similar to the movie Before Sunrise with a different city. They meet in England and then go to Paris for a day. I loved the description of the city and of the following ones. I had the feeling to walk alongside and see the sights through their eyes. The love story to me was rather unbelievable especially since Allyson lacks self esteem, decidedly unsexy in my eyes. And Willem is hiding something which probably will be revealed in part 2. So what can I say, I will go on reading and just hope that they travel some more.


The One Plus One by Jojo Moyes: Chick Lit at its finest. I had several laugh out loud moments while reading it, sometimes hilarious, sometimes sad. Apparently Mrs. Moyes is getting better with age with her writing. I really loved “You before me” but her older books were boring and predictable. This new one is spot on and a terrific read. I enjoyed it immensely!


Zero by Marc Elsberg: Another book from the writer of ‘Blackout’, this one about the virtual world and all the traces we leave by using the internet. The scenario is frightening and usual the book is meticulously researched. Nonetheless the story failed to keep me enthralled, the characters are just too one-dimensional. And while I really believe the author wants to get the message across that we have to be a lot more careful online, I want to be entertained when reading otherwise I would read non-fiction (which can also be entertaining). It plainly failed to do that.


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  1. Patricia Sylvia Bukovacz

    If Pollybert decides never to return from her travels because she enjoys it so much – I have her copy of Der alte König in seinem Exil :-) please don’t forget to pet Momo on my behalf!

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