What I learned in Tibet

This has also become a regular feature on my blog. Here are my observations from Tibet.

  1. There is a police station/desk every corner. So carrying your passport and visa is a mandatory.
  2. Sweet tea with yak milk is heavenly. Just don’t look too closely on what it’s served in.
  3. People in Lhasa wear more face masks than in Beijing (said Sylvia and I now have to agree).
  4. I should have bought a yak shawl while in Kathmandu. Never mind, too late now.
  5. The Tibetans eat solely with a spoon.
  6. The smell of the butter in the temples is almost intoxicating.
  7. Also the butter is spilled everywhere in the temples, so get used to sticky feet.
  8. There are only so many monasteries you can watch.
  9. If you are wondering what kind of philosophical questions a monk might have for you, the monk we saw wanted to know if I color my hair.
  10. The Chinese in Tibet were the unfriendliest of all of China. Maybe because they know they don’t belong there?


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  3. Patricia Sylvia Bukovacz

    Sure, you will get a cup, it just doesn’t taste well :-) however I yesterday rediscovered the only Tibetan restaurant in Austria and it was delicious – I had Momos and something quite similar to sweet tea.

  4. Amazing!!! Did you have butter tea while in Tibet? I wish I could smell what you smelled in the temples… I can almost picture/smell it! What a cheeky monk! lol

  5. Patricia Sylvia Bukovacz

    Sweet tea with yak milk is only heavenly while you consume it there. I can name a few witnesses that back home it looks and unfortunately also tastes like water from your dish washer :-) maybe you need the altitude – just like it is with the Yeti ;-)

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