Time to say goodbye

Our last day had arrived and it was time to say goodbye to Laos and to Dudley. My three months trip was coming slowly to an end and now there was only one more week of beach vacation waiting for me while Dudley flew back to Bangkok and still had a lot of time for the rest of his trip. I was envious!

It was a gray and overcast day so leaving the Le Vang Bua Villa was not hard. We had a last breakfast in the outdoor area overlooking the pool and then it was already time to leave. It looks quite cold here on the picture but compared to temperatures here in Vienna it was really warm and comforting despite the rain.

We managed to arrive early at the airport with an hour to while away drinking ice coffee. And even though we had checked in together Thai Airways managed to seat us 20 rows apart. So our separate ways already started in Luang Prabang. At the airport in Bangkok we had time for a quick goodbye and then I was off looking for my connection to Koh Samui. Yours, Pollybert

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