What I learned in Madrid

As always done when I come back from a trip (eg here and here), this is what I learned in Madrid.

  1. When you travel as a group make sure that you book your trip together and sleep at the same place. It saves a lot of hassle.

  2. If it is not a homogenous group, do your own thing. Otherwise half the day consists of waiting.

  3. Re-visiting a city is almost like coming home. It feels so great when you already know your way around.

  4. I have to improve my Spanish, I have to improve my Spanish, I have to improve my Spanish! This must be my mantra for 2016! Just working through the first couple of free chapters on Busuu was definitely not enough to revive my long forgotten Spanish skills.

  5. A copa of G&T is large enough to be shared. Otherwise finish it at your own risk!

  6. Not all free walking tours are interesting. Leave the tour as soon as you realize this.

  7. Good weather has no impact on how you enjoy a weekend trip, just bring the right set of people. But it helps while you wait!

  8. Sometimes you learn a lot more about your friends than you ever wanted to know.

  9. Going to a football game in Spain can now be crossed off my bucket list.

  10. I love how football is a game for the whole family in Spain. I helped an old lady down the stairs in the stadium. Where would I ever see that in Austria?

  11. I could definitely live with domestic help, I thoroughly enjoyed to experience of being spoiled.

  12. I love it best when I just walk around and soak in the city. But a drink on a rooftop is also great.

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