What I learned in Zagreb

As always done after leaving a country or a city here is what I have learned in Zagreb:

  1. Markets are open on Sundays as well.

  2. Church bells are ringing constantly, not just on the hour but every 15 minutes or so. And since there are so many in the center you always hear them.

  3. Even though it’s freezing (which it was not but it felt like it) people sit outside under heaters. I had the impression that life pretty much happens outdoors.

  4. All public transportation has the same color. They are all blue including the funicular.

  5. People actually meet on popular places (like the main square) and go together to a bar. Something that I haven’t seen in Vienna since a long time.

  6. You don’t have to travel far to be in a place where you don’t understand the language.

  7. The Croatians seem to like their live music as much as the Irish.

  8. When people meet they greet each other affectionately, also guys hug each other.

  9. Drinking the right kind of beer is serious business.

  10. On the weekend lots of people dress in their sports clothes even if they only get in their car and drive up the mountain. They all want to look sporty, overall though I think they are actually.

  11. Everybody spoke English, no matter what age.

  12. I need to buy a new phone since my camera adds a “Hamilton” effect to lots of pictures.

  13. Five hours on a bus are okay but if the ride takes longer because of traffic, it’s no longer okay. Next time I will take the train again. At least there I can stretch my legs.


  1. Zagreb is a good place to visit:)

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