The sights of Edinburgh

I always, always wanted to go to Scotland. All dashing heroes from historical novels seemed to come from there especially from the Highlands. Since the Highlands were out of reach for the weekend, we went to Edinburgh instead. No dashing heroes were running around, at least I didn’t meet any, but the city oozes history out of every “grimy” (okay let’s call it patina) pore. It was amazing to just walk through these streets and feel transported back to some other century.

typical Georgian houses and the street where the Lairg hotel was @Edinburgh, Scotland

Victoria Street @Edinburgh, Scotland

one of the many Close right off Royal Mile @Edinburgh, Scotland

Mercat Cross with snow @Edinburgh, Scotland

The best way to discover a new place is by booking a free walking tour to get an overview of the city (sometimes it can also fall flat). Jen, the tour guide, looked like a crazy lady but her knowledge and enthusiasm for the city was infectious. She led us through her city and really could tell stories. That the walking tour was “interrupted” by snow showers every 30 minutes didn’t diminish her success.

With Jen we started on the Royal Mile, walked to the Grassmarket and finally ended in the Greyfriars Kirkyard next to the grave of the devoted Bobby. We loved her entertaining stories so much that in the afternoon we took the Edinburgh Castle tour with her. By then we were thawed again but it didn’t take long for the cold to seep into our bones again. In the end I was glad when the tour was over and we could seek shelter within the building with the Scottish crown jewels. Yours, Pollybert

Edinburgh Castle seen from the Grassmarket @Edinburgh, Soctland

Grassmarket @Edinburgh, Scotland

Royal Mile 10 minutes after snowfall @Edinburgh, Scotland

Heart of Midlothian @Edinburgh, Scotland

Booby at Greyfriar Kirkyard @Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Castle seen from Greyfriar Kirkyard @Edinburgh, Scotland

Flodden Wall in Greyfriars Kirkyard @Edinburgh, Scotland

tour guide Jen in front of Bobby’s grave at the entrance of the Greyfriar Kirkyard @Edinburgh, Scotland

entrance to Edinburgh Castle @Edinburgh, Scotland

a little piece of Canada in Scotland @Edinburgh, Scotland

Douglas Haig, the butcher of WWI banned to the last court yard in Edinburgh Castle @Edinburgh, Scotland

view over Edinburgh from the Castle @Edinburgh, Scotland

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