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Breakfast on the weekend is the most important meal of the day. When done right a good breakfast will really make my day. This so happened at Erich (Ulrich’s little brother), a newly opened place in the 7th district. I haven’t really been able to find it online except for Facebook. It doesn’t matter though since you cannot reserve. You will just have to go there and try to get a table.

If you don’t know what to look for you will probably walk by. Maybe that’s on purpose and they don’t want just anybody to walk in. I finally found on my third passing and with a little help from my friend Birgit on the phone. Yeah sorry, not my district. We were there around 10:30 and the first. The place filled up quickly enough though.

The bar/restaurant is small and intimate and the front room full of natural light from the door and the large window. Which might also create a heating problem but since the day I was there was relatively warm, it was no big deal. A first glance at the menu shows right away that breakfast here means serious business. It offers a lot more variety than your standard ham-cheese-egg-bread feature.

I opted for the breakfast bowl and Birgit for the “rise and shine” where you can choose between three basic options and lots of different toppings. And what can I tell you? Even though they are still in the soft opening phase, they really know what they are doing. My breakfast bow was filled with spicy guacamole, salad, grilled tomato with dukkah, roasted mushrooms and a poached egg. There is no need for bread, this bow fills you nicely without leaving you stuffed. Excellent taste and it all blends well together. I haven’t had such a good breakfast in a very long time.

The “rise and shine” variation Birgit chose were two poached eggs on “Joseph” bread, cream cheese with herbs, crunchy quinoa and fresh chilli with a tomato salsa on the side. I tried the crunchy quinoa and the salsa, both were delicious. There are also a couple of sweet options on the menu and a three tier tray with fresh pastries. Since I don’t like poppy-seed I took a plum crumble pastry that left me with a taste of marzipan and summer!

Service was very friendly but probably still needs some time to run smoothly. Overall the perfect start into the weekend. I will definitely be back, I also have to give their bar a chance once lent is over. Yours, Pollybert

1070 Wien, Neustiftgasse 27

Erich from the outside @Erich, Vienna

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