What I learned in Edinburgh

There is a reason why Scotland is on an island since there are a lot of differences with mainland Europe. Here is what I learned in Edinburgh (for other “What I learned in..” features click here and here):

  1. Scots are a different breed. They don’t feel the cold. Only the tourists are bundled up.

  2. There was a bouncer in front of every pub. I am still not sure what exactly his role was, door opener, ID checker or plain bouncer.

  3. Bus stations face away from the road and offer real shelter from the wind. This is something that should be implemented in Austria too!

  4. Guys and girls appear to go out in unisex groups. Couples seem to be the odd ones out.

  5. Prices are so high that I had to pretend it was all in Euros, never mind the 1.3 exchange rate.

  6. Disappointingly nobody wears a kilt on a regular day. The only kilt wearers we saw were at a wedding downtown. Unfortunately there was not enough wind to verify what is or isn’t underneath.

  7. Haggis tastes lovely if you don’t dwell on the specifics.

  8. There is free wlan on all public transports.

  9. Complete weather changes occur within 10 minutes.

  10. A hot toddy is my new go to drink in cold weather.

  11. A mile is not a mile. The Royal Mile in Edinburgh is approximately one Scots mile long which is longer than the English mile.

Bus station @Edinburgh, Scotland

Bus station @Edinburgh, Scotland

kilt wearer with bagpipe player in the back @Edinburgh, Scotland

kilt wearer with bagpipe player in the back @Edinburgh, Scotland


  1. “6.Disappointingly nobody wears a kilt on a regular day.” Well that IS disappointing!! Still not sure about the haggis… I’ve heard it’s actually really nice, but I’m not sure I can get past the specifics hehe

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